“Art is the ultimate triumph of the human spirit.”

Modern Abstract Artist Lena Luckey in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


…and who better to know what it takes for the human spirit to triumph in this day and age, where to merely survive is often a challenge, than a impressionable person who has lived and traveled all over the world, often in places where women are, at best second class citizens. And to see how Lena has witnessed these challenges first-hand and transformed them into poignant, touching works of expressive art is a testimony to the resilient spirit that lives in all artists.


Lena’s inspired expression has brought widespread international recognition, collector’s persistent attention, and numerous juried awards to her portfolio, and her devotion to the human spirit has also led her to diverse involvement with charitable causes across the face of the planet.


So whether you are an art collector, an upscale interior designer or someone passionately looking to adorn the walls of your home with expressive works of modern art, in Lena’s collections you most certainly will find the perfect piece of art.


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